Volunteer Opportunities

Since its inception in 1973, volunteers have been an integral part of the growth, maintenance and success of Merryspring Nature Center.  The 66-acre park is open during all seasons, with free admission, offering a wide variety of educational and leisure opportunities to the public.  The Ross Center, greenhouses, gardens and trails have allowed Merryspring to expand its programs of events, lectures, courses, and workshops for children and adults in the surrounding community.

Merryspring is a year round educational facility with a mission to practice, teach, and advocate sound principles of horticulture, ecology, and conservation in order to protect our natural environment.  With the wide range of offerings there is a continuing need for volunteers.  The many talents of those who presently volunteer, allow far more programming and maintenance than the present staff of three could possibly accomplish alone.

View our volunteer opportunities below!

This is a general overview of the volunteer opportunities available at Merryspring.

Gardens – general gardening during the year, planting, cleaning, deadheading, winterizing

Arboretum – labeling specimens, clearing deadwood, opening vistas, pruning, possible chainsaw work

Greenhouse – plant seeds, pot plants, propagation, pest control, watering, etc.

Road Work – fill potholes, trimming trees, shrubs on side of road, raking gravel.

Trail Work – walk trails, move brush from paths, pick up trash, trimming, post signs, alert staff to hazards.

Invasive Plant Control – help keep invasive plants under control or eradicated.

Building Maintenance – shovel snow, paint/seal shingles, deck & trim, general building maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance – raking, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, trimming edges of gardens

Equipment Maintenance – maintain & repair equipment, carts, lawn mowers, sharpen tools, etc.

Education – assist with educational programs – many different choices

Events – plan, coordinate and help with major events, such as Plant Sale, Kitchen Tour, Holiday Bazaar….

Administrative Assistance – mailings, poster, flyers, errands, office assistance

Library – maintain organization of library.  Use of Microsoft Excel helpful in some areas

Gift Shop – stock shelves, organize and price items

History – keep track of newspaper articles, flyers, etc., a ‘History of Merryspring’

Photographic Records – take and organize photographs of the gardens and grounds

Herbarium – preserve herbarium specimens

Garden Diagrams/Charts – diagram the gardens with plants marked and listed

Signage – make signs, post signs where needed

Please join us.  Call 207-236-2239 or email education@merryspring.org.  You can be a part of providing the Mid-coast with a premier educational and leisure attraction.