Six-foot cedar bench

Merryspring Garden Bench Sale

Posted: April 21, 2021

Merryspring’s original white cedar benches created by Kerry Hardy and placed strategically around the park over 20 years ago to offer respite to our visitors, have come to the end of their useful lives. A long-time friend of Merryspring, Nancy Caudle Johnson, has found someone to replicate those benches, and also has an idea for a fundraiser for Merryspring. The bench maker, Kevin Zimmerman of Quality View Woodworks in Thorndike, who will be replicating our …Read More

Paperwhites for the Holidays

Posted: October 21, 2020

Paperwhites aren’t just for Christmas.  Bulbs that are potted now will be ready to bloom and brighten your home around Thanksgiving time. Plant them just after Thanksgiving to enjoy their delicate blossoms and fragrance over the Christmas holiday. They are easy to grow and need nothing more than a container, water and stones or beach glass. You can pot the bulbs right away or store them at room temperature in a dark place for up …Read More

Flower Bulb Sale

Posted: August 11, 2020

Last year Merryspring’s Flower Bulb Sale for fall planting sold out, so this year we are bringing back many of your favorites in addition to a wider variety of daffodils, hybrid lilies, allium, hyacinth, camassia, crocus, and even two varieties of garlic. All of the plants are shown below with height and price noted. You can place your orders now through September 30 either by printing the Bulb Order Form and mailing (or emailing) it …Read More

Cancellations Update

Posted: March 17, 2020

Due to cautionary measures recommended by the State of Maine in regards  to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Merryspring Nature Center will be postponing all programs for the next 30 days. The Park will remain open to the public daily from dawn to dusk so people can continue to walk the trails and enjoy the outdoor space.  The Ross Center will be closed until further notice.

Forest Therapy Workshop & Walk with Lisa Quatrale- September 17

Posted: September 2, 2016

Permaculture specialist Lisa Quatrale will lead a walk emphasizing the forest as a place of therapy and healing  on Saturday, September 17 from 10 am to 12 pm. Guests are invited to this outdoor program to reconnect with the landscape, the inner-landscape, themselves, and their companions. The program will emphasize the sounds, scents, and sights of our environment through a series of standard and place-based nature connection invitations. Based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin …Read More