Native Plants

A five minute walk from our visitor’s center, the Kitty Todd Arboretum is a ten-acre complex of trails and labeled specimens of more than seventy native tree and shrub species. The high diversity in this area is a result of a clear-cut in 1973 which let in sunlight and awakened the dormant seeds of many different species. As fruiting shrubs like honeysuckle and raspberry flourished, birds moved in and brought with them many new varieties.

As the clearing has grown, we have selectively thinned it and encouraged the best specimens. A brochure available at the Ross Center shows the location of all the labeled plants, and a teacher’s guide with detailed biographies of each tree and shrub is also available. We also have an extensive slide library of many different native plants, which can be viewed in the Ross Center’s library.

Visit the Kitty Todd Arboretum page for a list of plants.

To read more about Merryspring’s part in the restoration of the American Chestnut, visit the Maine Chapter of the American Chestnut Fountation’s website.