Barred owls, ruffed grouse, various hawks, white-tailed deer and a wide variety of songbirds are seen regularly throughout the park. Serious nature watchers will appreciate the blind located at the southwest corner of the arboretum, overlooking the Goose River wetland and some distant farm fields.Winter is a good time to see the ermine hunting along the stonewalls that form our east boundary, and the Park’s four miles of trails are crossed by any number of interesting tracks after a snowfall: otter, turkey, porcupine, raccoon, rabbit, and occasionally even moose and bobcat.

The wetland all around the Park’s west and north boundaries is an especially good place to go off-trail and find a quiet spot to sit and observe; far enough away from the regular trails so that foot traffic doesn’t disrupt the watching. Woodcocks probing for worms, barred owls hunting mice, and deer making antler rubs are just a few examples of what you might expect to see.