Garden Interns

2021 Merryspring Garden Intern Program
Are you interested in joining Merryspring Gardener Denise DeSpirito at the Nature Center for our 2021 Garden Internship? The program will run for seven consecutive Wednesdays, from April 28th to June 9th, starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. each day. 
During the program, interns will follow the flow and weekly needs of the garden through conversation, observational garden walks, and hands-on gardening, covering the themes of Garden Design and Layout, Welcoming The Plants, Reconsidering Invasive Plants and Weeds, Tending to the Gardener, Native and Endangered Plants, Medicine- Beauty-Food, and more. Each week a handout and/or reading resources will be provided. 
This hands-on opportunity is designed for the total garden novice or for someone who wants to help out at their local non-profit Nature Center, from students 16 or older to seasoned gardeners of any age. Covid-19 safety protocols will be followed and the program may be adapted for any safety needs. After the six-week internship is over, participants can apply to be kept on as an intern-worker for the duration of the season, with an hourly stipend. 
For more information and a brief application, please email gardens@merryspring.orgApplications are accepted until April 14th or until all spots are filled.