Merryspring Garden Bench Sale

Merryspring’s original white cedar benches created by Kerry Hardy and placed strategically around the park over 20 years ago to offer respite to our visitors, have come to the end of their useful lives. A long-time friend of Merryspring, Nancy Caudle Johnson, has found someone to replicate those benches, and also has an idea for a fundraiser for Merryspring. The bench maker, Kevin Zimmerman of Quality View Woodworks in Thorndike, who will be replicating our very popular design, is also willing to make extras for those who would like to order one or more of the benches for their own garden or yard.  This will be an exclusive offer through Merryspring.

The cedar benches come in three, four, and five-foot lengths. They are durable, comfortable, and attractive; and the native white cedar should only get prettier as it ages to driftwood gray.

One bench of each size has been donated to Merryspring by TREEKEEPERS LLC, so that anyone interested can come to Merryspring during daylight hours to see and/or try them out.  Photos of the benches are also on our website at

Orders placed by the end of May should be ready for pickup at Merryspring by mid-June, and orders placed by the end of June should be ready for pickup by mid-July.  If you would like to place an order for one or more, please call the Merryspring office at (207) 236-2239.  The benches will need to be paid for upon ordering with Visa or MasterCard, or you may use the “donate” (Paypal) button on our website and include the words “Merryspring Bench” in the memo. Prices shown do not include the 10% Merryspring member discount or sales tax.  Net proceeds from the sale of each bench will be used to purchase more benches for the Nature Center.

Merryspring Garden Benches

4' cedar bench
3' bench $210
5' cedar bench
4' bench $235
Six-foot cedar bench
5' bench $255